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How it Works: Customer Orders

Join the nationwide Personal Shopping & Delivery network with total flexibility over servicing your area and a professional team across Canada to support you along the way.

Customer orders for your territory will route directly to you. Customers will call you directly for information or to place a service order for your area. doesn't act as a dispatcher for you and your team.
Shop the store your customer requests and fulfill the shopping list. Shopping list may require shopping at multiple locations. Use your best judgement to fulfill your shopping lists when customers do not specify their choice of store(s). Customers will specify if they will allow product substitutions for unavailable or out-of-stock product choices.
Deliver your orders in a timely and professional manner. Many territory managers will schedule their deliveries for a 3-4 hour period during the day. Hours of Operation are flexible when you setup your territory. is a same-day delivery service, not a 1-hour delivery service. You may contact your customers when you receive new orders to confirm with each a time in your own schedule to fulfill the delivery and align your routes to maximize fuel/time efficiency.

As you build your business and receive more repeat customers you will grow to better manage your delivery logistics and manage your service more effectively.
Service is charged at a $10.00 base rate plus 10% of your customers total combined shopping receipt(s). $5.00 per extra location is charged if shopping list requires shopping at multiple locations. An additional $5.00 is charged if delivery address or shopping location(s) require particularly more mileage.

You retain 100% of your earnings on all service charges. Collect payment via your choice of accepted payment types (Cash, Credit Card, or Debit). It is your choice to charge any debit or credit card processing fees. See earnings model information and examples below.
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