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How it Works: Territory Options

Join the nationwide Personal Shopping & Delivery network with total flexibility over servicing your area and a professional team across Canada to support you along the way. has 495 delivery territories mapped across Canada. Territories range in size from between 10,000 to 30,000 homes and 150 to 1,400 businesses. Managers on an annual renewal may manage multiple territories or an entire city. Single territories will be first determined by your home postal code.
Hours of operation are flexible when you setup. We will work with you to arrive at an ideal operational schedule that suits your day-to-day moving forward. is initially setup for you as a same-day service and not a 1-hour delivery service. As you build your business and receive more repeat customers you will grow to better manage your own delivery logistics more effectively.

You will receive your customer's contact information, shopping list, stores, options, and delivery address with each order. You may contact your customers when you receive your orders to confirm with each a time in your own schedule to fulfill the delivery and align your routes to maximize your customer's convenience along with your fuel/time efficiency. maintains a consistent pricing policy nationwide and you have the flexibility to alter service pricing for any local promotions. As part of our team you will have a voice in all matters. If while in operation you decide there should be changes made to your local pricing, we will work with you to arrive at a perfect price point for your service area.

Any changes you make to your local pricing will reflect on your website and through to your materials and social media. Please visit our Earnings page for more information.
Your business cash-flow is entirely yours to manage and you will require your own float to begin providing services. territory managers have the option to choose their payment types accepted. You may choose to accept Cash, Credit Card, or Debit payment types. Your website will reflect your choice and we will help you with the setup should you choose to accept all (3) payment types. is partnered with Pivitol Payments, Canada's Affordable Payment Processor, for mobile credit card and debit processing services. Through this partnership, you will receive's preferred rates, and other exclusive benefits. Received customer credit or debit payments can be deposited into your personal bank account. Customers who choose to pay you by credit or debit can be charged additional processing fees for the convenience. Please contact for Debit/Credit Terminal information and setup.
Your marketing materials, website, and social media communications we provide are customized with your own phone number and email address. You manage your own customers directly, and customer communications route directly through to you and your local team.
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